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1. How much do your candy buffets cost?
Each and every candy buffet is custom designed and priced according to 4 sizes.
Small (S): 0-50 Guests
Medium (M): 51-100 Guests
Large (L): 101-150 Guests
Extra Large (XL): 151-200 Guests
*For events over 200 Guests, please contact us for pricing
Our Candy Buffets start at $300.00 and go up from there depending on the size of your event.
2. Do I get to choose my own candy?
All the candy is chosen by you! Using my Candy by Color Charts, we work together to pick candy that will look great in your display and be a huge hit with your guests!
3. Are the Candy Buffets re-fillable?
Because we want our Candy Buffets to make the ultimate "WOW" effect, all the candy for your party size is set up in our display.
4. I keep Kosher or I am Diabetic, do you have any special candy for me?
Somethin' Delicious offers Kosher and Diabetic candy selections! We will work to stay in your price range while suiting your dietary needs!
5. Can you stay for the duration of my event to monitor the candy buffet?
We do offer a Somethin' Delicious Buffet Attendant for an addtional $25.00 an hour. The attendant would assist in candy distribution and answering any questions your guests may have, but keep in mind that our displays are not re-fillable.
6. About how much candy do I get?
Depends on your party size, of course, but the average per-guest candy amount is 1/4 pound.
7. What candy types can I choose from?
During our appointment, our Candy by Color Charts are used so that together, we can build a beautiful color/theme coordinated display.
8. I am interested in premium candies, can I include those in our display?
Because our goal is to provide you with beautiful but affordable displays, we offer some premium candies at an additional charge. All candy choices will be shown and discussed during our appointment.
9. Can't I just do a Candy Buffet on my own?
Most people who have tackled a candy buffet alone end up spending the same amount or more money than if they had hired a professional. Consider this, if you create your own candy buffet table, you will need to purchase specialty glassware (at least 10 pieces),  table accessories to make your display attractive, ribbons and signage, candy scoops, candy bags, containers/bubble wrap/packaging to transport your candy buffet to the event location and the candy itself (with no vendor discounts). 
 Additionally, you will invest tens of hours canvassing the stores for your supplies, researching candy prices, designing and practicing the set-up of your display, washing and wrapping your glassware, hauling your supplies into the venue, setting up your display, breaking down the display at the end of the event, rewashing all glassware and figuring out what to do with all of your containers now that the event is over.
Whew, that sure was tiring! 
 Let us take care of the details for you so you can enjoy your event!
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